Wednesday, December 24, 2008

hello world the new triggXR

This is a test post for a new blogger template I've been testing. I have been considering closing the cover on triggXR as I would a journal. When I used the paper journals they lasted about 3 months. I don't see any reason to start new blogs every 3 months but perhaps when I start new life episodes, such as in light of my recent graduation from doctoral studies.

I was devout about my journaling for many years until the dramatic and traumatic death of 3 close friends. I couldn't write without unbearable sadness so I put the journals away. In the meantime I went to graduate school where the internet and computer use exploded into my life. When I began to want to write in my journal again I was out of the habit of carrying the journal everywhere and had moved into my computer. I haven't been able to quite duplicate the free form journaling on my computer yet. The hardest thing to replace is the doodling that I did between ideas or while cogitating.

Anyway, I think I can work within this template with a few tweaks. It feels like a nice fresh pallette or new journal full of clean empty pages.

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