Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Still Snowed In

I'm still snowed in here. I also had minor eye surgery yesterday to correct my overly droopy eyes. I was told not to strain my face. I've never heard of face straining but it doesn't sound good. Or does it? Does a smile or frown strain the face?

I've spent most of the day resting, setting up the new blog and icing my face which Eleni tells me looks like I was beaten. I was not! We couldn't get a cab to the surgery center due to the snow, so I called my new friend Mason to give us a ride.

I've been looking for poems again. I was looking for a youtube of Gwendolyn Brooks and found a 12 year old poet named Autumn Ashante' who knocked my socks off. I couldn't find a video that was of good enough quality so I'm sharing a reading by Elizabeth Alexander instead. Her claim to fame is that she has been selected to read a poem for the inauguration.

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