Saturday, December 27, 2008

Coming Soon: A Mary Larson Painting!

I've been trying to get a Mary Larson painting for several years. She's always sold out! Today I was showing another artist friend/coworker her paintings and noticed that she had several up for sale, so I called immediately and asked to buy one of them. I got a call back within 1-2 hours from Mary Larson herself saying that the painting "Norman" was available. The price: 250 $5.00 Starbuck's cards. And worth every drop of all that coffee.

Mary Larson is a nurse employed at Seattle's Pioneer Health Clinic which treats many homeless people. Ms. Larson started painting portraits and selling them for donations of items needed for the homeless patients who come to the clinic.

I'm especially moved by these paintings because Larson is a nurse working at a clinic serving the homeless and many of my patients at the hospital are also patients at her clinic. I also love the eye for beauty she brings to each painting. Finally, she sells them for donations for concerns serving homeless patients. I was so excited that I was told I could get a painting that I wanted to leave work immediately and go get my starbuck's cards and figure out where I was going to hang the painting!

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