Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hurray for longer lighter days!

I'm coming out of hibernation with a lot more power since the days started getting longer here. I did the dishes and sorted the mail with nary a whine. I need light to think.  I didn't have any ideas for for my blog so I kept it going with stuff I was interested in from you tube.

Animal Report: The dog I'm training for my mother got a haircut and still has accidents in the house. One of the parrots bit me tonight and it hurt my feelings.

I went shopping and guess what? The recession has reached the outlet stores and the shops weren't sold out and picked over in my size! WooHOO!

I have recently read the new Walter Mosley book The Right Mistake and I really liked it. It is a Socrates Fortlow story.  I also listened to Blonde Faith on an eAudio book from the library.  I couldn't use my iPod to listen to the book because apparently the people at Apple don't believe in libraries!

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