Saturday, July 4, 2009

In Preparation for Centrum

I have spent a quiet morning without television reading poems for the workshop. I'm about half way through a 1 inch binder of poems. When I get tired of that, I read my own poems aloud to reacquaint myself with them and to remember that young woman who wrote them. They are all about women. I don't know how I could have cared so much. Now I'm looking for lost poems on among the files I found from my first computer, the old 286! So far I've found several that I haven't seen in many years:


Blank Pages in a Letter of Regret

Four Lebel Interchange

We Will Give the Names New Gods

I've also found a letter from my brother when he started college!

I'm missing some poems too. News From A Board, and one about a homecoming queen. I guess I'll have to dig out hard copies.

These poems are about women for the most part and a little juvenile! I did find some fiction I liked.

I've been looking for good self publishing software for an online chapbook. I just downloaded and will try the new Thesis Theme for Wordpress.

While reading the poems in my red chair I fell asleep and dreamed the poems were read on a game show and we competed for something I can't remember now. Maybe that's the point!

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