Saturday, July 11, 2009

What I've Done this Past WEEK!

  1. talked to my dear friend Tracey from ETSU days.
  2. read about 500 poems for Centrum
  3. gained about 4 pounds in one day due to birthday cake to die for by Margurite at work!
  4. proofread the two papers to be published in ANS this fall from my dissertation!
  5. wrote first draft of grant request for HITECH money
  6. trained a new ARNP for the hospital
  7. attended 14 meetings at work and didn't fall asleep.
  8. started a new blog: Lisa Trigg's Poem Repository
  9. loaded most of my poems to the new blog
  10. reloaded the wordpress software for PR about 4 times before I got it to work.
  11. learned a lot about my host/server and wordpress.
  12. the new Thesis Theme is fantastic, and I will be using it for a while.
  13. lost my content for my of Course Foucault, the autoethnography of my dissertation blog and will have to start over with it. Had to load it 4 times to get it to work.
  14. did not buy a new computer. my better smarter half pointed out that I bought 3 new ones last year, so. I still feel like I need a new one!
  15. made a new friend on FB who wants to deposit some poems in my new poem repository! Hello Paulinerose!
  16. found denise's phone number and heard her voice on the voice mail
  17. mailed regalia back to the graduation people.

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