Sunday, August 9, 2009

hot Sunday

It's not that hot really, but I'm sweating. I took a lot of dog naps yesterday. No dog naps today but I'm not getting focused. I think working full time means you really have to rest on weekends.

Last week's report:

Xena's ear canals swelled shut and she got a bilateral yeast infection. She now gets two medicines twice a day in her ears and she doesn't like it that much. The hair on her ears is greasy and filthy from the medications.

I have on a dress that is not fit to feed the birds--Maxine our little plucker screams every time I go in the bird room wearing this thing.

Brocco escaped from his cage this morning somehow and flew at Eleni and bit her on the face. He's getting his wings clipped this week and may find himself going to live in a fancy exotic bird sanctuary!

I got sucked in to Farmtown on Face Book, then Farmville, then little farm something. What a time waster. I'm harvesting strawberries every 4 hours because I need the money to buy a farmhouse. I can't hardly believe it myself.

No new poems but I found out that my poems are probably postmodern poems. Amazing. I have been reading two anthologies of postmodern poems.

Until then.

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